2018 Toyota Australia Scholarships Awarded

Scholarship Students

23 Sutherland Shire students are the latest recipients of Toyota Australia Scholarships.

Designed to help overcome barriers to further education, the scholarships are available for motivated young people in the Sutherland Shire enrolled in a secondary, combined or special school.

This is the second year that the scholarships have been awarded.

The 2018 recipients, from 11 Sutherland Shire schools, have hopes of exploring a variety of future careers including medicine, creative arts, veterinary science and photography.

At the presentation ceremony, Toyota Australia's President and CEO, Matthew Callachor said, "I'm delighted that in the second year of our scholarships, we're able to inspire and fund the educational dreams for 23 Sutherland Shire students."

"This is a fitting and lasting legacy to the community in which we have operated in for so many years."

"Together with Schools Plus, we are helping students to reach their potential," Mr Callachor said.

Schools Plus CEO, Rosemary Conn, said that regardless of background, all Australian children deserve a great education - one that provides the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.

"By joining forces with corporates like Toyota Australia, who generously support schools that need it most, we're making sure our next generation receives a quality education," Ms Conn said.

"We're so pleased that many of our donors including Toyota are helping us in a strategic way by making multi-year funding commitments to projects; this means our charity can make the most impact to students' lives over time."

Toyota's partnership with national education charity Schools Plus has two parts. As well as the Toyota Australia Scholarship Program, Toyota funds school grants for priority projects.

The projects have been designed with the support of Schools Plus to cater to the specific needs of students in five Sutherland Shire schools.

The five schools are Endeavour Sports High School; Dunlea Centre; Bates Drive School; Cook School; and Minerva School.

Over the next two years, Toyota and Schools Plus will continue to support these five schools as well as provide financial scholarships to ensure a meaningful and lasting legacy of Toyota's presence in the Sutherland Shire is delivered.